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While Drake has been riding the success of his latest album release “Take Care,” Drizzy still believes he has a lot more to do in the Hip-Hop game.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Drake speaks on his new album and everything else in his career.

Speaking on how he feels about people calling him sensitive:

WSJ: Has it surprised you how much importance people place on your “sensitivity”?

Drake: I don’t know if people are getting more and more disconnected, and therefore I seem like the most emotional character in this whole scene. My favorite artists always documented emotion. Marvin Gaye and Al Green and Sade and Aaliyah. People poke fun, but I’m just not ashamed.

Drake later goes on to talk about feeling attacked by some:

WSJ: On the new album, what was the most technical challenge you faced in your rapping?

Drake: Consistently my challenge was using new cadences and new flows that no artists are using right now. I felt like I was under attack, with people claiming that I came up on their style or their moment.

Drake also talked about his competition with other rappers, even mentor Lil Wayne:

WSJ: In many ways, you owe your success to the help of Lil Wayne and other rappers. But as your stature grows, has there been friction with them as competitors?

Drake: Now more than ever. Initially the hands were all extended because it was like, “let’s pull this young kid up and see what he does.” It’s different when people start viewing you at eye level. Yeah, I haven’t heard from certain people in forever. Nobody wants to go for drinks anymore. But that’s okay. That just lets me know that, without it being conflict, it’s still war out here. Everyone’s just trying to be the best.