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A couple months back, it was rumored that a 2Pac S*x Tape would soon be hitting the streets.  Naturally an iconic figure such as Pac, would generate a frenzy within the Hip Hop Community, if true.


The masses immediately hit the net, in search of this rumored S*x Tape, which is allegedly 20 years old.  Pac’s family immediately threatened to sue anyone that attempted to sell the tape.


The good folks over at HipHopNews24-7 have reported, that the tape was indeed sold.  Leila Steinberg, Pac’s former manager has spoken out about the apparent selling of the tape, which also features former Digital Underground MemberMoney B.


 “I don’t know which tape this is, and who’s consenting, but I think that anyone that’s portrayed should get something from it and should be consenting,” she continued. “I don’t think that ‘Pac taped and didn’t have an understanding that anything you tape can one day become public. I’m sure that there would not be anything exploited that wasn’t agreed upon by the estate. They’re pretty powerful and in control of what gets released and approved, so I would think that they were involved.”    


Steinberg also anticipates more things coming up as time goes on.   “I’m sure that he documented and recorded way more than anyone will ever know.,” she said, “So that’s why we’ll continue to see things that pop up.”  


Something tells me, that this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this situation.