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For decades The Joker’s been one of the most eccentric, violent and interesting characters in Batman’s illustrious gallery of villains, but his latest storyline seems to be rubbing people the wrong way as the Clown Prince of Crime is set to become a daddy by turning into a mommy.

TMZ is reporting that in a new story for The Man Who Stopped Laughing, The Joker finds himself with child after a spell cast on him goes awry. The series follows the Joker through various subplots that sometimes aren’t even cannon in the DC universe. The latest tale might’ve pushed the envelope as many anti-LGTBQ comic book fans were outraged at the notion that the man could bare a child.

It’s just a comic book, people. But of course for a while now far-right conservatives have been accusing liberals and “elitists” of pushing a pro-gay agenda on children to feminize boys and men and “groom” them. After introducing a gay Robin and bisexual Superman into the DC universe, this latest story only further propels the far-right’s conspiracy theory.

Though the Joker’s son was basically a mutated version of himself, many conservatives took to social media to slander DC for even conjuring up such a fable.

Well, at least the writers and artists of the story haven’t received any death threats as that’s become a calling card for far-right conservatives who get angered when they see progressive moves being made in society or pop culture.

What do y’all think of DC having the Joker birth his own baby? Is it something that you’d expect from The Joker or have they gone too far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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