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MSCHF Big Red Boots


Good news sneakerheads, it seems like this new generation of hypebeasts may actually leave us some good chances to copp our favorite Jordans and Dunks as they ditch the OG look for a more, well, futuristic fit.

Highsnobiety is reporting that Brooklyn-based brand MSCHF has just brought to life Astro Boy’s signature Big Red Boots and believe it or not, heads are actually walking around in these. Just yesterday the Oklahoma City Thunder’s star point guard, Shai Gilgeous Alexander rolled up to last night’s highly anticipated game against the LA Lakers in a pair of the MSCHF boots seemingly ready to find out who framed Roger Rabbit or something.

Needless to say this isn’t our particular flavor, but if it means this next generation of heads will focus their bots and backdooring on cartoonish boots while we cop our favorite retro sneakers at an easier clip, then hey, we’re all for it. In an era where heads like to standout and be “different” for the sake of social media, you can bet you’ll see a few of these floating around your neighborhood depending on availability.

“The Big Red boot is a realization of a specific sort of cartoonish abstraction of a shoe,” MSCHF co-founder Daniel Greenberg tells Highsnobiety.

“In cartoon world, representation works with reduced information to immediately imply an object, rather literally depict it. The Big Red Boot works on a similar principle, where it is an absurd, simplified form that conveys the idea of “BOOT” without worrying too much about the particulars of realism.”

Remember the flack that Fat Joe got for looking like Thanos when he wore those Kanye boots? Those seem rather pedestrian by comparison these days. Just saying. Though the boots look rather flimsy, apparently they’re actually pretty sturdy.

“From a technical perspective, the BRB pushes the envelope of its single-mold-shell design, simply because it is really large,” Greenberg says. “It’s shot in a much higher quality material and process than, say, a rain boot, or other thin-walled low-cost boots.”

Naturally MSCHF doesn’t want anymore legal smoke so they aren’t dubbing these the “Astro Boy” boots, but the kicks will go live on February 16th on their website and will retail for $350. You have to wonder what this new creation could lead to in the future. Before you know it it’s gonna start looking like a Mega Man game out on these streets or something.

Will you be looking to cop a pair of MSCHF’s big red boots next week? Let us know in the comments section below.