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Those right wingers just won’t quit and now they’ve taken their hatred for President Obama to the gaming world. In a recent computer game put out by the website called “The United States of Earth,” you get to set up a coup as Barack Obama leading “devastation” to America.

The game entitled “2011: Obama Coup Fails,” Obama secretly meets up with both Felipe Calderon of Mexico and Stephen Harper of Canada to set up the Union of North America.  However, when the Republicans take over congress during mid-elections, Obama tries to stage a coup before anyone can swear in.

After that, things just get crazy as guns are outlawed, the citizens start to take over the government, and hardcore Republicans like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh cannot bear to watch which results in their suicides.  The game was designed by a couple of overly dramatic and imaginative libertarian kids in Brooklyn.

Michael Russotto, one of the game’s designers, says “The developers have no partisan agenda, and are merely trying to bring publicity to The United States of Earth, which supports a larger online community role-playing game.”

Just like the odd thousands of anti-Bush games that were on the internet not too long ago, many people will enjoy this libertarian fantasy game while others will not be happy.  Although it may seem offensive to some, at the same time, I believe it can also be an exaggeration for people who believe Obama is the next socialist dictator.

So if you are one of those people who think Obama is trying to kill your grandparents or think he is trying to turn our country socialist…enjoy!