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Maino has once again reminded the Hip-Hop community he is always on that type of time. The rapper recently choked Buba100x during an interview.

As per Complex the Brooklyn, New York MC had to put hands on yet another individual. Last week the YouTube personality pulled up on him and asked for an interview. Right away things were very awkward when Buba100x asked Jermaine if he could borrow his chain. Mind you the piece in question features a photograph of his recently deceased mother. Nevertheless, he took the request in stride but let the prankster know he should do better with his questioning. “See now you just chatting, I gave you time now you just chatting.”

Next up he was going to ask the Lobby Boy to rate on a scale from one to ten how badly he would beat him up but before he could even finish his question Maino grabbed him by his neck and pinned him down on a table. “I just told you, it’s not just a stupid video don’t play with me” he said with a lot of bass in his voice. By the faces of utter shock on the other people there it seemed to be a very real situation but Maino says it was all staged.

In a sit down with Angela Yee he explained “It was all part of the prank. It was fake. I wanted to make it look real.”

You can view the clip of him allegedly manhandling Buba100x, with much ease by the way, below.