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NYPD To Start Scanning People On The Streets For Guns [Video]


If you thought you had  a hard time going through airports, just wait a few months if you’re trying to walk the streets of New York. The NYPD plans to start using technology  that can detect people carrying guns on their person.

The technology, similar to infrared imaging , includes a mechanism that can detect a natural energy, known as terahertz radiation, that emits from a person’s body. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced details about the new search method and stated,

“This technology has shown a great deal of promise as a way of detecting weapons without a physical search.”

The new technology can only be used three to four feet away. Kelly told the New York Daily News that  the technology was part of the department’s continuing efforts to curb illegal guns off the street as he addressed the Police Foundation at the Regency Hotel on Park Ave. He said cops hope to install the heat-seeking devices on police vehicles in the near future. There are some questions about the device though as many feel unwarranted stops will be made if the device picks up other devices, like iPods, that it may perceive to be a weapon.

What are your thoughts? Is this an invasion of privacy or will it really keep the streets safe???