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Lupe Fiasco has enjoyed the spotlight as a rapper of principle ever since his metaphoric skater anthem “Kick, Push” dropped in 2006. Armed with a larger profile and aims that reach beyond his Hip-Hop roots, the Chicago native has added yet another musical side project feather to his suddenly crowded cap—all while still working on his fourth studio release Food & Liquor II.

Speaking with Hypebeast while in Berlin, Lupe, after promising an upcoming project with Neptunes producer Pharrell Williams, revealed that he is diving into the realm of club music. Lupe will take a creative leap with DJ Sky Gellatly and their new band SNDCLSH, engaging in a more experimental sound. “Don’t expect any hip-hop sounds on it. No hip-hop at all,” said the Windy City native.

“It is not Lupe Fiasco. Just like my punk band Japanese Cartoon is not Lupe Fiasco,” he further explained.“This is like club music, what I would like to listen to on the dance floor.”

The pair will be releasing an EP titled Don’t Drop The Flag later this year, and there is a good cause behind the new project aside from new tunes. Gellatly and Fiasco intend to donate SNDCLSH sales to a children’s charity.

Lupe was in Berlin for skater shoe company Vans and the Spring release of their OTW (Off The Wall) line. A longtime wearer of the sneakers, Lupe is also assisting the company in shoe design as well. “I needed something that I could wear, something that fits all of the criteria of a shoe that I need while performing on stage,” said Lupe. “With over 15 years of stage experience, I obviously know what I need out of a shoe.”

Lupe hinted that Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album is still in the works, although he didn’t offer a release date.