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Before Skyzoo can wake up the masses with his next solo LP, A Dream Deferred, later this year, the Brooklyn bar layer has something up his sleeve. Since he blessed fans with 2009’s Salvation, they have been looking for more of that dolo heat from the Crown Heights MC whose last studio output was Live From The Tape Deck, a collaborative effort with Illmind. The wait may soon be over. Sky recently revealed that he has a new mixtape project, Theo vs JJ: Dreams vs. Reality, dropping as a precursor to ADD.

The Duck Down records spitter chopped it up with The Well Versed and gave some insight into the new album and his first mixtape since June 2011’s The Great Debater. “A Dream Deferred is definitely the most musical project that I’ve ever done. I can’t go too heavy into it, but even with the writing, there are some records on it with so many layers,” said a semi tight-lipped Zoo, comparing the depth of this album’s musical content with his well received previous LP. “If you thought The Salvation was layered, forget it.”

But before the album drops, the MC said the creative juices enabled him to hit the fans with a new mixtape to hold them over.

“All I want to do right now is just get in the lab and create. I’m actually dropping a mixtape before A Dream Deferred,” he revealed. “It picks up where The Great Debater left off, and it sets up the album. It pretty much serves as the middle ground between The Great Debater and A Dream Deferred.”

Sky detailed the mixtape’s outline as being a play on the lives of a couple sons from two of Black television’s most loved sitcoms.

“No one knows this yet so you guys get the exclusive, the mixtape is called Theo vs JJ: Dreams vs. Reality. Theo from the Cosbys pretty much represents the dream, and JJ from Good Times is the reality of it.”