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To quote Dr. Dre, “Here’s what they think about you.” Comedian Dave Ackerman went to the campus of Brigham Young University and asked the co-eds questions about what they know and think about Black people. The usual ignorant answers abounded with plenty stereotypes being hurled. However, Ackerman felt it was necessary to pose his questions while in blackface.

At the end of the four minute long video, Ackerman notes via title displays,  “During the filming of this video only 3 people said anything about me not really being black… Which I find disturbing.”

Regardless of Ackerman’s supposedly noble intentions, blackface is racist. Point blank period. It hearkens back to a time in America were African-Americans were barely removed from slavery and minstrel shows that played up grotesque stereotypes proliferated, subtly and not so subtly further ingraining racism into America’s fabric. Nothing good comes from the tradition. Watch Spike Lee’s Bamboozled if you don’t want to bother reading up on the misntrel show’s evil history.

Ackerman adds “Fight ignorance with ignorance” at the clip’s conclusion. The struggle clearly continues. How’s this for post-racial America?