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Chelsea Handler has no problem poking fun at herself, something she’s done over the years as a veteran comedian, television host, and author. Although her relationship with rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was well over a decade ago, it looks like they’re still cool after Fif shared a post of Handler doing a routine about anal sex.

Chelsea Handler, 48, was seen on the Instagram post from Fofty delivering a joke that anal sex is “trending” to use her words.

“Anal sex is not just for homosexual men anymore, okay?” Handler said. “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s trending. And don’t knock it until you try it. You might f*cking like it.”

Handler continued, “It’s a big pill to swallow in the beginning but when you warm up to the idea, and you pick the right candidate, you know,” sparking laughter from the crowd due to her expert delivery.

Fif got a slight shoutout in the joke when Handler said, “Small or medium, you’re not going to do that with, like, 50 Cent. You want to pick the right candidate.”

Catching wind of the joke, 50 Cent posted the footage to his Instagram page writing in the caption, “Yo she is so crazy, @chelseahandler is hand down the funniest. LOL.”

Check out Chelsea Handler and her 50 Cent shoutout below.

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