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Hip-Hop Mogul Steve Stoute stopped by NBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ and spoke on several topics. As the author of The Tanning of America, Stoute spoke on Hip-Hop culture’s influence, using Jay-Z‘s recent performance at Carnegie Hall as an example.

“Of all the things that took place, when Jay-Z sang ‘Juicy’ and just held the mic out into the crowd and they sang in unison…Wow!,” said Stoute. “This is Carnegie Hall, this is Jay-Z, he gave it up to Biggie and the crowd went for it. I just thought that this is a tanning moment. It shows how far we’ve come as a society… Music played a part in it but it was more than that, everyone was culturally there. Everyone knew the words and mannerisms as if they’d all watched the music video together”.

Hip-Hop has broken down countless racial and cultural barriers as well as stereotypes, which Stoute spoke on. “I think that every generation has its counter-culture stance, which becomes popular culture,” he said. “I think coming out of the 60’s it was Rock ‘N Roll, and I think that Hip-Hop has said something to this millennial generation that was much different than generation X had.”

Steve Stoute’s The Tanning of America is available now. Watch the very insightful interview below.