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Politics are something you will have to deal with if you are choosing a career in rap. Benny The Butcher recently expressed his frustration over his Drake feature not being released.

As spotted on HipHopDX, the Buffalo, New York MC conducted an interview with Joe Budden on the Amazon Amp show Conversation Lovers Only. While he discussed a variety of topics, his hottest take was his response to a track he recorded with Champagne Papi that might never see the light of day. “I was pissed, I’m not gonna lie. I was pissed, man,” Benny The Butcher revealed. “It’s a f***ing Drake record! It was surely my biggest record. And the record’s just sitting in my pocket.”

Naturally, Joe did not let the topic die and proceeded to ask some very pointed questions, specifically on the reason why. “I don’t know [what happened] neither,” he responded. “I can’t speak for [Drake] and his team; I got schedules. I might do a feature for somebody and they be like, ‘Benny, we ready to drop this Tuesday.’ And I’m like, ‘N*gga, you ain’t dropping that Tuesday ’cause we holding off, I got this.’”

He went to make it clear that he understands that things do not automatically line up when you are dealing with one of the most high profile artists in the world. “That’s the biggest artist in the world so I understand his release schedule might be hectic or he might have people that be like, ‘We can’t drop that right now because we doing this.’ I understand that. He’s the name, but he represents a lot of people that he works with and his moves affect a lot of people, so I understand that part.”

Thankfully, he doesn’t put any of the blame on the Drake. “I don’t take it to heart,” he said. “No way did I take it like, ‘Damn, he f***ed me over!’ I swear to God, I don’t take it like that because this is muthaf***ing Drake, the biggest artist in the world. Even for him to hit me up personally, that lets me know where he at.”

You can listen to Joe Budden and Benny The Butcher discuss the situation below.