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Cam'ron Rips Kim Kardashian For Kendall Jenner T-Shirt

Source: Prince Williams / Getty / Cam’ron

Rapper-turned-sports analyst, Cam’ron, had time for Kim Kardashian on his bubbling sports show.

Oh boy, Kim Kardashian felt the wrath of Cam’ron on his popular internet “sports debate show” It Is What It Is. The Dipset founder ripped the reality star/mogul for wearing a t-shirt poking fun at her sister, Kendall Jenner’s roster of men she dated.

The video lives on Kim K and her daughter North West’s joint TikTok account earlier this month, and in it, she plays with her and Kanye West’s firstborn child while rocking a “Kendall Starting Five” t-shirt.

On it, a photo of her half-sister is surrounded by the NBA hoopers Jenner was linked to: Devin Booker, Blake Griffin, Jordan Clarkson, Ben Simmons, and Kyle Kuzma.

Speaking with his co-host Ma$e, and moderator, Treasure Wilson, he went in on Kimmy K, calling her out for all the men she dated.

Per HipHopDX:

“I think the bitch got a lot of au-fuckin’-dacity. Bitch, you started off fucking Ray J, why do people ignore that? And now you want to taunt your sister like she got mad n-ggas. She got it from you.”

He added: “Your starting five consists of athletes and entertainers. First of all, we got the head coach, Ray J, then we got Reggie Bush, and then she married that basketball player that wasn’t shit and found out he wasn’t shit and curved that n-gga.

“Then she started messing with another athlete, then she got with Kanye and had kids then got into an argument with Kanye and then rushed to go fuck Pete Davidson. Your line-up is wild, too. You got a lot of nerve, man.”

Remember that Killa Cam is good friends with Koonye West, so he more than likely took extra pleasure in calling out Kim Kardashian.

You can catch Cam’ron and Ma$e at Made In America this summer doing a special set. Somebody check on Jim Jones immediately.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty