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Cormega has witnessed key moments in Hip-Hop and is still an active participant in the culture. Given the observations Cormega has made over the years, the Queenbridge rapper hailing DJ Jazzy Jeff as one of the greats of his craft makes perfect sense and his comments made it back to the Philadelphia native.

Cormega took to Instagram to offer DJ Jazzy Jeff praise for being an innovator in Hip-Hop while educating readers on Jazzy Jeff’s long and still ongoing career.

From Instagram:

DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of the greatest DJs of all time. At one point he was considered the best. Of course you might be too young to have known. Or you don’t pay attention to the culture because the material thing’s fascinate you more. But if you’re a DJ and you don’t study what came before you then you can’t complain when what comes after does the same to you.

Cormega then goes on to share details of a show that DJ Jazzy Jeff and his partner, the former Fresh Prince aka Will Smith, held in New York City:

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince came to NY to do a show. I believe it was Union Square I was young I wasn’t inside the club but everyone that went in came out talking about how dope Jazzy Jeff is. He did what was known as the transformer scratch that you hear people using today.

Salute to Cormega for the lessons. Salute to DJ Jazzy Jeff.

DJ Jazzy Jeff caught wind of Cormega’s post with a reshare and prayer hand emoji.

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