As one half of late-90’s Hip-Hop champions Blackalicious, West Coast veteran rapper Gift Of Gab has enjoyed a lengthy career alongside his crew partner DJ Chief Xcel and the Quannum Projects collective he helped found almost twenty years ago. Set to release his third solo album The Next Logical Progression (which also got a little NPR love as well), Gift Of Gab had a recent health scare over a month and a half ago that served as a wakeup call for the hefty MC.

Just seven weeks ago, Gab, born Timothy Parker, had been experiencing a loss of appetite, prompting a hospital visit where he was diagnosed with kidney failure. Having received treatment for the past five weeks, Gift Of Gab released a written statement to his supporters which addressed his current medical status and also urging others to be mindful of their own health.

From the statement:

“I’m here to publicly address my health to all my fans. About seven weeks ago I went into kidney failure. I hadn’t eaten in days, checked in to a hospital, and was diagnosed. I started dialysis five weeks ago. If I can leave you with a message to take away from this, it’s to take care of yourself and do not take your health for granted. Us.”

Gab is in good spirits, however, despite the harrowing news. He revealed news that he has secured a kidney donor, and has been cleared to perform again.

“The upside to this is I have a donor that has stepped up for which I am very grateful. Also I’ve had the phenomenal support of family and friends without whom I don’t know where my mind would be. I consider myself to be an extremely blessed person with a lot to be thankful for. There’s still a lot of appointments to be made and work to be done. There are still a lot of factors to be dealt with, but the dialysis center has given me the go ahead to do one off shows”

Gift Of Gab’s album will be released on March 27 and the rapper promises an upcoming Blackalicious LP, the group’s fourth full-length, as well.



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Photo: Quannum

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