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To hear Kid Cudi tell it humanity is in a very bad spot. The accomplished rapper and actor continues to get accused of being gay for the silliest reasons and he has had enough of it.

As spotted on HipHopDX the Cleveland, Ohio native recently took to social media to vent his frustration on some of the ongoing allegations that he likes men. On Saturday, July 22 Mr. Rager put his foot down on the hateful spamming he is facing on Twitter. “U know whats crazy, and really makes me question the world we live in, is when I post a picture of me smiling on ig and theres mad comments questioning my sexuality floodin my page w insults,” he said.

“I feel really bad for yall man. Its sad out here. Man cant even smile and be happy no more. Smh.” He went on to give specific examples of the hate in a follow up post. “Its like ‘oh he smiling TOO hard!! He DEF sucks a d*ck!’ Its like word?? Thats what we on now?? Homophobic and sad and will be miserable their whole lives.” Some of his fans responded to him and showed empathy. “Its more the ignorence, Im not insulted. Its just sad to see people so lame, its sad someone, a man, cant show joy without there being some conversation about their sexually.” he added.

In 2021 Kid Cudi wore a dress on Saturday Night Live in tribute to Kurt Cobain promptingwide spread scrutiny over his sexual preference. Kid Cudi has never identified as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.