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Creators of the soon to be released “Playa” iPhone case, had the bright idea to promote safe s-x alongside the launch of the struggle product. The case, designed by Annex Products, includes  a compartment to store up to two condoms (because keeping them anywhere else is apparently too much work).

Of course the idea seemed interesting in theory, but perhaps the designers forgot to look at one important rule when it comes to this kind of contraception: condoms shouldn’t be stored near heat. Being that they are usually made of latex, or lambskin, placing a condom next to an iPhone battery would probably defeat the purpose. As if it’s not embarrassing enough to be walking around with a phone cover with the words “Playa” stamped on the back, pulling out a melted condom might ruin a s-xual experience.

For those still interested in snatching up the case, it is set to be released this summer for the bargain retail price of $30, and will fit iPhone 4 and 4S models.

Photo: Annex Products

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