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The Montgomery Riverfront dustup continues to shake up social media and the headlines, and new developments have emerged. According to reports, arrests have been made by the Montgomery Police Department, with three men facing charges thus far.

Local outlet WVTM reports that three men, Richard Roberts, 48; Zachery Shipman, 25; and Allen Todd, 23, were sought by Montgomery police after warrants for their arrests were issued. The three men turned themselves, this after police took 13 people in total into custody.

As previously reported, last weekend, the Harriott 2 double-decker riverboat was attempting to dock on the riverfront when a pontoon boat carrying a number of guests docked out of turn. A Black dock worker removed the boat’s rope so that the Harriott 2 could dock, prompting the group of white boaters to confront the worker.

In a report from TMZ, the dock worker claims that one of the men used a racist slur ahead of their group attack before being met with another group of Black bystanders and one of the crew members of the riverboat. Since then, the incident has sparked a number of memes and reactions across social media and has become its own entity of sorts.

Police say they are also looking for Reggie Gray, 42, who was seen throwing around a chair against the boaters.

Among the arrested, Roberts is charged with two counts of third-degree assault. Shipman and Todd both face one count of third-degree assault.

Photo: Ray Tan / Getty