As reported earlier this week, Gucci Mane was unexpectedly arrested and put in jail for a year after violating his parole.  Details that have leaked online now confirm that Gucci tested positive for numerous drugs following a drug test.

According to Gucci’s lawyer Dwight L. Thomas, the rapper has been trying to recover from drug addiction, which would explain the cocaine and marijuana positive testing that violated his parole.

This is not the first time Gucci will go to jail for violating parole, as just last year Gucci only performed 25 community service hours out of the court given 600 on a prior assault charge which sent him straight to Fulton County jail in Atlanta, GA.  Gucci was to serve one year with that violation as he is now, however it has been said he could get out up to six months early with good behavior.  When he returned to court this week, it’s also reported that he still hadn’t done any community service.

Just a couple of weeks ago Gucci Mane put out a video announcement that he was going sober to get his life together.  Gucci also released a new video Thursday, the day of his arrest, called “My Own Worst Enemy,” which shows the more serious and emotional side of Gucci which we are not used to.

Gucci’s upcoming album has the fitting title of The State Vs Radric Davis which will be released DecemBurr! 8th. Gucci’s incarceration is the latest of many rappers being locked up (Boosie, Wayne, T.I. and  B.G), most of which were for parole violations or gun charges.  With the south dominating Hip-Hop sales and play, it seems most of the south’s leading rappers are going to be missing for a while.  Is it time for another region to step up?

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