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“I thought that whole Shyte was really wack, really immature, really stupid…”

When Joe Budden ended his very public relationship with eye candy girlfriend Tahiry the internet was abuzz with rumors about what caused their tumultuous end. Before anyone could draw conclusions however Jumpoff Joe Budden jumped back on the scene with a replacement.

His latest lady is “model” and “singer” Somaya Reece who introduced herself to the world on an episode of his Joe Budden TV.

The “professional model” found herself in hot water however after engaging in a Twitter battle with the self proclaimed Twitter king Fabolous.

Fabolous and Reece went back and forth with Fabo ultimately being victorious and starting a trending topic against her. The BK rapper who also dated Tahiry dished out disses including one where he compared her to a stuntwoman for Joe’s now ex love.

“Time 2 expose this 2nd place chick Somaya Reece… So she know not throw people names out without knowing the consequences… #Somayareeceis Tahiry but the sequel… #Somayareeceis a stuntman 4 Joe Budden’s real girlfriend.”

Now Joe is jumping to his new girl’s defense and offering his response to the Twitter battle. On an episode of Joe Budden TV he expressed his thoughts on the incident saying,

“That s^&t really made me look at ni**as in a different light but it put me in a real awkward position because Fab can make a whole bunch of jokes on Twitter and everybody will laugh and think it’s funny, because he’s just making jokes. And that’s my man, the amount of loyalty and respect that I have for Fab is outta this world. I probably have more respect for him than anybody else in rap because he helped usher me into the game. But that was some sucker s**t — the second that I respond — when I say sucker s**t, I’m honestly not talking about nothing that Fab did, I may maybe feel like he went a little too far as far as some of them jokes went, some of them jokes really weren’t funny to me.”

He also made sure to place blame on the fans for hyping it up and making the situation worse.

“Fans are such fu*&ing packageriders — there’s a lot of back story and no matter what I would say, it’d look like I’m defending a girl that I don’t really know or it’d look like I’m getting really, really, personal because I don’t know how to do anything else but be personal.”

Expect a response from Fab very soon.