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Cam'ron & Mase's 'It Is What It Is'

Source: Legion Media Group / Legion media group

Cam’ron and Mase are getting to the bag together like it’s 1997 again. 

The two Harlem natives have reportedly signed an 8-figure deal with Underdog Fantasy for their hilarious sports talk show, It Is What It Is.

According to a press release shared with HipHopWired, the partnership will last at least 18 months. The highly popular sports talk show, is hosted by Cameron “Cam’ron” Giles, Mason (Ma$e) Betha, and Treasure “Stat Baby” Wilson. “Thank you Nick (Nicholas Green of Underdog Fantasy),” said Killa Cam in a statement, “We appreciate you seeing the true value of ‘It is What it Is.’” 

The Brooklyn-based sports platform Underdog Fantasy has cosigned other major sports platforms like Gil’s Arena hosted by former NBA star Gilbert Arenas. It’s a fast-rising sports betting platform available in most states. One can start making bets at eighteen (except for MA and AZ where you have to be 21+, and AL & NE where you have to be 19+).

The two rappers came up early in their careers in Harlem and despite a public split that even spilled onto wax in 2017 (and before), the two childhood friends squashed their beef more than a year ago and came together to work on this sports podcast which was free on YouTube and funded by Cam’ron. 


The former Roc-a-Fella rapper told Good Day New York in May that he was courting offers from interested investors. 

“A lot of n-ggas hollerin’ at me to try and buy my show or make my show a part of what they’re doing. And listen, I appreciate the love, I appreciate the interest and everything else. This is fully funded by me. I didn’t go get no help. I ain’t got no partners. I ain’t got no bank,” he explained.

“They came and did all this shit and y’all gonna have to offer something I ain’t got. Now you don’t know what I got, but you could assume what I got. I’m not gon’ be unreasonable but you gotta be fair. But right now, with the time being, we gon’ have fun.”

Cam told Good Day New York that his sports debate talk show isn’t the only item that he had been getting offers on. He claimed that he regularly receives offers to buy his iconic pink fur coat—with one recent offer being $300,000. 

“The people who offered it to me, I didn’t feel they deserved it,” Cam said. “It was more of a stat to them like, ‘I bought Cam’s jacket.’ It wasn’t really like they appreciated where that jacket came from.”

The jacket was recently immortalized in a New York City Transit MTA card in celebration of Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary.