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Last night, Kanye West allegedly revealed that 2 Chainz was signed to G.O.O.D. Music thanks to a stray tweet that read, “2 Chainz is charging 100k for a verse now cause he’s G.O.O.D.!!!!!!” But while speaking to Hot 97.5’s Bootleg Kev, the Atlanta rapper neither confirmed nor denied being an official member of the G.O.O.D Music family.

At first, the “No Lie” rapper suggested that the context of the tweet was being taken wrong. “I don’t think it is,” 2 Chainz said of Yeezy’s memo being any sort of “official announcement.” “Nah, he’s just saying I’m good. Like, ‘I’m ill.'” He then added, “We was talking and I was like I think I was jeopardizing my brand sometimes by doing the homeboy special. So I think he just felt like we should just put that out there, that we ain’t doing no more of that. You too good, for that.”

With his debut solo album, Based On A T.R.U. Story, out August 14th, the prolific rapper plans on slowing down on the guest features. He said, “I would have done almost anything a couple months ago, and it was all about reaching out because, I still will, I’m still grounded. But it makes sense for me to slow down a little bit being that I got an album coming out August the 14th.”



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Photo: 2 Chainz