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“You ever heard of the song “Pimp Slap” where I went after Suge Knight?  If I got issues, I go after a n*gga’s mother**kin head.”

Perception is everything and is the sole factor as to how people are viewed in life.  Whether in the work place or just out and about, the way a person chooses to carry his/herself is looked on as a spectator’s sport from those around that create their own deductions from what they believe they see.

As Snoop Dogg continues to promote his upcoming release Malice N Wonderland, there has been misrepresented perception as it pertains to a song titled “Protocol” where he raps such lyrics as:

“Gangstas don’t kiss, we get old and get rich.”


“We hit licks and gang bang/ You on some T-Pain Shyte.”

Of course initial perception is to draw a negative connotation from such words and so was the case as many were under the belief that such lyrics were going at Lil Wayne’s head.

Speaking on Shade 45’s Lip Service, Snoop addressed the false claims and added that he’s not one to throw subliminal shots.

“I’m not fin to shoot at your shoes or shoot at your spot where your baby momma at, I’m fin to take your mother**kin neck off.  I don’t have no problems with rappers, that was me speaking in general.  If a N***a feel offended or feel froggish, leap mother**cka.”

Looked at, as being Uncle Snoop, he added that time has progressed, and he’s not at the same place to want to go at someone’s neck.

“I don’t ever make diss songs, I make hit songs.”

Snoop also offered a simple problem solver if such confusion ever arises again.

“When those feel that I’m directing the finger at them, come get at me.  I ain’t hard to get at, I’m everywhere.”

The Doggfather did state that there is only one thing that could possibly make him step back into the ring once again and battle in the ring.

“I’m so far in the game where if I was to get into a battle with a n*gga, he couldn’t Fawk with me just because of the longevity that I’ve been in the game.  It would only be exciting if it was a bad a*s fresh new n*gga or he was an old A$$ n*gga like me that’s still fresh.  Other than that, it wouldn’t make no sense.”

People are always looking for a reason to cause some type of hostility or tension.  It’s almost as though it has become a primal instinct.  Perception has been used for negativity as some choose to search for the bad before they can mentally conceive anything positive about another.

Next time there’s a question, make sure to raise a hand for the answer and not fabricate what you believe should be the truth.