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Bun B Trill Burgers

Source: Houston Chronicle/Hearst Newspapers via Getty Images / Getty

Bun B’s Trill Burgers have become the hottest menu item in the Hip-Hop culture since Popeye’s introduced their chicken sandwich (that actually led to violence out in the streets), but unfortunately the now famous hamburger is hard to come by and if you’re in Houston, Texas representing a sports team that rivals that of Bun B’s hometown heroes, good luck getting served a patty.

In a recent interview with The Houston Chronicle, Bun B admitted that though he loves serving his famous Trill Burgers to any and everyone who wants to take a bite of his creation, it might be a problem if you’re on a visiting sports team such as the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys or LA Dodgers. Keeping it a buck and showing loyalty to his Houston Texans and Houston Astros teams, Bun made it clear that though he’s a business man, he’s a full-blown Houstonian first and foremost.

The Houston Chronicle reports:

“First thing, I did was, ‘Hey, do you guys mind if we feed the Dolphins?,'” Bun said inside NRG Stadium about an hour before Sunday’s kickoff.

Trill Burgers was delivered to the Dolphins players without any issues. Bun admits that might not always be the case, but that has more to do with him being a die-hard Houston sports fan than anything to do with the Texans’ wishes.

“I’ll just be very honest, if we’re playing the Cowboys, that could present a problem. If the Astros are playing the Yankees or the Dodgers, that could present a problem,” Bun said . “So, we have to take all that kind of stuff into consideration, but I am not trying to spoil this beautiful relationship that I have with the Texans to feed anybody.”

We can’t even be mad at that. This is what diehard sports fan are supposed to feel.

That being said it looks like players from the Yankees, Dodgers and Cowboys might have to send assistants or something to the Trill Burgers brick-and-mortar spot if they want to get a taste of what Bun B’s been cooking on the grill. Small price to pay for what’s considered the best burger in America if you ask us. If anything they can just go to any old Burger King in Houston and have it their way if they wish.

What do y’all think of Bun B’s assertion that serving some of his famous burgers to rival sports team might be problematic? Let us know in the comments section below.