The Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney is apologizing for posting photos of himself in several compromising settings on Facebook., including wearing blackface.

Rather than release a public statement—which one would commit to if they were truly remorseful—Justin Marrus only apologized to his boss, District Attorney Charles Hynes. “He admits it was childish and inappropriate,”  said DA spokesman Jerry Schmetter. 

In one of the three photos, Marrus and two friends, (proudly) wear fake tattoos of a swastika, on their arms under the caption “The White Trash Brothers.” Another photo finds him simulating prison rape, with another man. “We think they are abhorrent, stupid, and childish,”  said the DA initially said, after viewing the pictures. “We’re asking Mr. Marrus for full explanation of his conduct, which is totally unacceptable. And we will take appropriate action.” 

Despite the graphic and racially insensitive flicks Marrus (who just happens to be the son of Supreme Court Judge Alan D. Marrus) has been allowed to keep his job, and is the latest in a string of “blackface” incidents. In the last several months both a white second-grader in Colorado, and a Brigham Young University student came under fire for plastering black paint over their faces.

Click below to view the photos posted on Marrus’ Facebook page.


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