“I believe that Snoop Dogg’s brand is well known around the whole Globe from the business aspect, as well as the music aspect.  It was a plan that I put together strategically, it was something that happened along the way.”

Since emerging onto the scene alongside Dr. Dre in 1992, West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg has continued to expand in his music, as well as, becoming business savvy.

With countless movie roles under his belt, endorsements from businesses such as Chrysler 300, Orbit Gum, Boost Mobile and many more, Snoop continues to reinvent himself for the better as he has become embraced by the masses whether it relates to music or in general.

Asking the question “What’s My Name?” back in 1993, all can raise their hands now and answer Snoop Dogg as he has become a household name.

While promoting his 10th studio album, Malice-N-Wonderland, the rapper was able to catch up with CNBC and have a sit down discussion with Maria Bartoromo as he spoke on his beginnings entering the game.

“The first thing I wanted to do was create my own sound and diverse look that was non-similar to anyone that was out or anyone that came out before me.  I wanted to also be different and diverse with the dialect that I used.  I didn’t want to sound like anybody and I didn’t want to use the same words.  I just had a strategic plan as far as just being original and just trying to find out could I really do something that was never done before?”

Most artists lack the balance to maintain the music and the money as Snoop said that he was unable to initially handle the politics of the game.  He was, however, able to trudge his way through.

“It was told to me that it was show business.  I always had the show, but I never had the business and once I got the business, now I’m the kind of show business.”

Never one to forget those that lent a helping hand, he made sure to give Dre a shout-out in regards to how he was able to gain such heavy exposure with the mainstream.

“Not for me because I had Dr. Dre assisting me, who is one of the greatest producers of all time and I basically just rode his coat-tail and performed to the best of my ability.  Through him, I shined and people recognized and they loved me after that.”

Able to see the ramifications of negativity, he added that his lifestyle as a youth made an abrupt transition once he was able to realize the potential that he had musically.

“I dibbled and dabbled into crime in the beginning stages of my adolescence as a young man and once I did I seen that was not the route I wanted to take.  I felt that I had too much intelligence and too much mind power to just continue to belittle myself and be put in that position so once I woke up and realized that there was more to me, I maximized my strength and started studying the great musicians and studying the great business-minded people so I could become who I am today.”

With almost 20 years in the game, Snoop has failed to miss any major steps in his career that he hasn’t been able to bounce back from.  As time progresses forward, Uncle Snoop is one that will remain timeless as he remains persistent with building his name and staying a commodity in today’s industry of entertainment.

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