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No one is exactly certain how a mentally ill teenager managed to evade the long arm of the law but that was exactly the case in New York City.

For 11 days, a 13-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome eluded the juggernaut that is the NYPD, spending the entire time living in the city’s subway system.

Police discovered Francisco Hernandez Jr. while he was taking refuge at Coney Island subway station.

The boy, whom said that he ran away out of fear of getting in trouble at school, rode the trains while living off of vending machine goodies and water.

In spite of the positive ending, the teens mother has found reason to complain.

Marisel Garcia is adamant that police searched less than diligently for her son, sighting the fact that she is a Mexican immigrant as the reason behind her claim, even though authorities posted fliers around a majority of the city and contacted the city.