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The Drake/ Aaliyah story just keeps getting more confusing. One day after Drizzy’s interview from the OVO Fest, explaining his decision to put together an album of new Aaliyah songs hit the ‘Net, came word that he may not have been telling the whole truth, and now the story has changed—again.

According to Aaliyah’s cousin Jomo Hankerson who heads Blackground Records alongside his father, Barry, an album is in the works and will now be helmed by Drizzy.  This new twist, comes just after Hankerson said that he and his father would EP the project which will feature 16 previously unreleased “fragments” of tracks, rebooted with the help of “contemporary artists,” including Drake.  “We really felt like it was time,” Hankerson told “There’s a real new generation that doesn’t know her necessarily, and we wanted to continue d her musical legacy with this new generation. That’s one of the reasons why we wanted to do very contemporary music. We didn’t want to make it a nostalgic project; we already did that with the I Care 4U ALBUM.”

Like Drake, Hankerson noted that the goal is to offer a musical gift to the singer’s legions of fans. “The idea was to release ne music for her diehard fans, and also reintroduce her music to a new generation that doesn’t really understand how much influence she had in the music that they’re listening to today.”

Aside from Drake and producer Noah “40” Shebib, Hankerson will seek out the help of Timbaland. “Timbaland will be involved with this project. One of the records that we had that was never released was a Missy record that we obviously are going to be refreshing.”

Provided that everyone can get on the same page with this situation, the end result will likely be pretty solid.


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