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What a difference a year makes. Last year, while Odd Future were blowing up, core member Earl Sweatshirt was mysteriously away at a Samoan boarding school, the Coral Reef Academy, with most people having no idea what he was up to. Now in 2012, the rhyme prodigy is back in the States and quickly locked his very own recording imprint, Tan Kressida, via Columbia Records. Yesterday, Earl took to Twitter to reveal details about his forthcoming album which will feature an evolution of his sound and content as well as appearances from Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, the Alchemist and Pharrell Williams.

You wanna know why im not in europe with the squad? Im finishing this album. Im just trying to make pretty music. Everyone whose favorite song off EARL was epar or whatever might be pretty bummed. Everyone with 666 or KTA or some sort of stupid hashtag like “hey look im crazy” in their bio might be pretty bummed too. I anticipate a loss of fans. I also anticipate gaining some. So. You know. Yeah. I hope i lose you as a fan if you only f-ck with me cause i rapped about r@ping girls when i was 15. I f-cking love how it sounds. And uhh. Thats what matters Im gonna go out on a limb and say that you can hear the progression. Christian Rich // The Neptunes // Tyler, The Creator // randomblackdude // Domo Genesis // Vince Staples // Tyler, The Creator // BBNG // Pharrell Williams // Thundercat // Ommas Keith // Frank Ocean // And Earl Sweatshirt. Thats the list of folks who did work on _____. Oh and samiyam and alchemist!!!!! Oh yeah and casey veggies!! And matt and syd. What if i got kidnapped and murdered by crazy nicaraguan killers before anyone could hear it. I’d be bummed. What if tom cruise killed me for being extra’d out. Its funny cause alchemist is also better at rapping than everyone. Its actually f-cked up. Uzowuru just stopped me from dropping the album title.

So, are you looking forward to this new Earl Sweatshirt sound or are you strictly checking for vintage Earl?

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