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“This is Fawking bullShyte” is hardly the way any person would think the daughter of a preacher would respond to a member of law enforcement but that is exactly what the progeny of one famous Bible-totting activist said to her arresting officer.

Dominique Sharpton and her mother, Kathy Jordan, appeared in court after launching into a public tirade against NYPD and resisting arrest.

Dominique was arrested after crossing a double line and cutting off a police officer while driving for resisting arrest and various other charges.

Her mother, 53 year-old Jordan, is facing the same charges after procuring handcuffs from a nearby law enforcement official and “twisting her body away from police officers.”

A lawyer for both women attempted to have the case thrown out of court citing their First Amendment right to free speech. That motion was quickly and vehemently denied.

A police report for the incident says that Sharpton “flailed” her arms to resist being arrested, after which she “pushed her feet against a police vehicle to resist being placed inside said vehicle.”

Prosecutors in the trial have offered no deal.

Both women are facing a maximum sentence of one year in jail.

In true Al Sharpton fashion, the glorified noisemaker is calling the treatment of his former wife and daughter “unfair.”

Unfair??? Give me a break. . .

What do you think Hip-Hop Wired???

Were these women treated unfairly by the NYPD?