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Life for 2 Chainz has been on the up and up and with his debut album, Based On A T.R.U. Story, topping the billboard charts, one can say his super stardom has catapulted even higher.  However, things haven’t always always been glitz and glam for the “No Lie” rapper  as Sway humorously revealed on the Sway in The Morning Show.

During the interview, Chainz recounted his days when he was formerly known as Tity Boi and how an unexpected yet promising invite from Lil’ Wayne to perform on MTV Unplugged didn’t  pan out the way he expected.  Though Chainz was able to perform his commercial breakthrough song “Duffle Bagz” with Wayne,  he was ironically “unplugged”  and edited out of the final final cut of  the recording.

“We turn up. I’m like, ‘Damn, that was cool. Ain’t nobody come out but me.’ Everything was starting to happen in the south. It hadn’t made it anywhere else, so it was like another look that I needed. Know what I mean?  “Spend It” was coming up, this is another look, all the stars are lining up and then I tell everybody like, ‘I should have’ and then they edit my a** slap out of it,” he said.

Luckily, Sway was able to find the shelved recording of Chainz’ perform

ance and sent it to him via email. Although Chainz was disappointed his performance was never shown on TV, he said MTV ‘s decision not to air his performance fueled his hunger to go even harder.

“Even though the world didn’t see it, it was just something cool for me to have. It’s cool for me to have. It was cool for me to see how Wayne introduced me as his best people in the game. And it made me hungry, it made me [say], ‘Okay, MTV. I’ma turn up on ya mutha***kin a**.”

Watch the full video below.



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