The violence in Chicago is out of control. With more than 300 homicides in the city since the start of the year, and no signs of change, the city is in crisis.

Starting from Friday (Aug. 31) through the next day, seven people were shot, one of which was gunned down in front of his own mother, and siblings.

Jalen Stogner, 17, was shot and killed by another teen for allegedly giving him a dirty look. The assailant pulled out a gun and shot Stogner in the side of his back as he attempted to get away Friday (Aug. 31) afternoon. He was pronounced dead less than an hour later at Stroger Hospital.

“Just to see my son lying in that puddle of blood, and I couldn’t do nothing to save him,” recalled his mother, Maria Stogner. “I just called, and was screaming his name and he just wasn’t responding.

“I was just calling his name, just calling his name to see if he could hear my voice. ‘Just hold on,’ I was just telling him to ‘Hold on.'”

According to Maria, she, Jalen and her other two sons, ages 11 and 4, had just arrived to do their laundry. Jalen and the gunman exchanged words in the parking lot, before he was shot and stumbled his way into the establishment where he collapsed on the floor.

Police said that the youngster had four previous arrests, and had ties to a gang, the latter claim which his mother has denied. “I’m just in disbelief right now,” she said.

Jalen’s brother, DeShawn, was standing a few feet away and heard the verbal altercation which turned fatal. DeShawn recalled that Jalen asked the shooter what he was looking at, to which he responded “What did you say?” then pulled his gun out and opened fire.

The gunman has been identified as Alan Padilla, also 17. He has been charged with first-degree murder, and is scheduled to appear in court for a bond hearing sometime Monday (Sept. 3).

“We just wanted to wash our clothes and get ready for the week,” Maria said of traveling five miles to the location with her sons. “That’s all we wanted to do.”


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Photo: WLS TV Chicago