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Muni Long has shared another update on her medical health. The 35-year-old Florida native shared with fans last year that she had been diagnosed with lupus. The development caused her to cancel her highly-anticipated 2022 tour to support her Grammy Award-winning single, “Hrs & Hrs.”

On (Dec. 3), the singer-songwriter, born Priscilla Renea Hamilton, took to social media to share a new update on her health, writing: “So apparently I’m autistic, and my free self is the version of me that I began repressing at the age of 22 because it made people highly uncomfortable. It started first with me doing insane amounts of drugs and then when that didn’t work I just held it in. Which led to lupus,” Long penned on X.

“And now the lupus has gotten to a point where it’s effectively impossible to contain. And in order to free myself from the rollercoaster that is autoimmune disease, I have to let my emotions, thoughts and feelings out…. But…. Autism! OMG WTF THIS IS SO WACK [weeping emoji].”

She concluded: “But at least knowing I am autistic explains SO MUCH.”

The brave revelation was met with support from fans. 

Long followed up the three-part post on Dec. 4 writing, “A lot of days I just wanna put my head in the pillow and scream… minus the pillow tho.”

Long told The Breakfast Club last year that she contracted a bacterial infection from a microphone in 2018, and that triggered her Lupus, adding, “So when you have any type of bacteria, especially in your lungs, the inflammation is crazy. So I deal with that. As I’m talking, you can hear me tryna catch my breath,” according to Baller Alert. 

She continued, “I deal with that on a daily basis. I take a lot of medicine to like function normally and that’s not something I normally share. Because that’s my journey, I’m not looking for sympathy.”

According to, “Lupus is a disease where the immune system attacks instead of protects. The immune system is the body’s natural defense against disease. In lupus, the immune system creates antibodies that attack the body’s own tissues and organs.”

African American women in particular seem to have a higher risk of getting lupus. As many as 1 in 250 will develop the disease. Women who suffer from lupus are twice as likely to give birth to a child with autism. 

We send Muni Long best wishes on her health journey.