Chief Keef may be ignorant at times, but that’s all he’s guilty of —according to his grandmother.  Following the murder of rival Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman, last week, the teenager became the focus of a police investigation after a few insensitive tweets magically appeared on his Twitter page.

Keef has glorified gun violence, and spent time on house arrest for shooting at a police officer, but in light of Coleman’s death he may have realized that he finally went too far. The Interscope Records rapper has since claimed to have been hacked, and has used the social networking site to offer “prayers” for the Coleman family. Now his grandmother, Margaret Carter is coming to his defense. “Let’s be real, I’m always saying, ‘Cut that down, turn that off, that’s too loud’ when he’s doing all that music,” she explained. “And girls is his thing. Girls, girls, girls. I get sick of all them girls,”  she told the Chicago Sun Times.

Ever since his “I Don’t Like” release became a certifide cyber hit, Keef was looked at as one of the acts driving labels’ renewed interest in Chicago rappers, but several blunders have shifted the focus off his music and onto his juvenile antics. At this point, the youngster is more famous for showcasing adolescent ramblings, than becoming a viable entity in the music game. Yet, in the aftermath of Coleman’s death, Carter hopes to make it clear that her grandson is not involved in a gang. “How can he be doing all that gang stuff when he’s always home and when he’s not home he’s  out of town with me or his uncle…And where’s this gang at? In my basement? Where they at? In my refrigerator, where he go all the time?

“Look, I’m ‘Granny.’ That’s what they call me, and I didn’t grow up with none of that mess. That don’t go in my god—house.”

Carter asserted that Keef has even been trying to steer his younger cousins down the right path, encouraging them to seek out more positive choices. “He says, ‘You don’t have to do what you doing,’ and they say ‘My little cousin pulled me out of the street.’”

As for the flood of backlash Keef has received, the 63-year-old said that the opposition is “just jealousy of a little dark-skinned ugly boy and how smart he was to come up with all this.”

Police have yet to make an arrest in Coleman’s murder.



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