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Russell Simmons has kept himself out of the spotlight after he was accused of sexual assault and other heinous crimes during his heyday as a music executive. The Def Jam Recordings co-founder revealed that since being accused, he’s taken several lie detector tests and denies any claims of being violent.

As seen on People, Russell Simmons appeared on the In Depth with Graham Bensinger podcast, and the topic of the accusations, which came from 18 women total, was brought to the center of the conversation. Despite the number of allegations, Simmons says that he may not have been the most charming of people but he never was violent and the lie detector tests he took should be brought to the forefront.

“I took nine lie detector tests, people don’t know that,” Simmons said. “Nine separate, seven from the Chairman of the Polygraph Association. One for each and serious accusation.”

In the view of Simmons, the fact that he passed the polygraph tests is proof enough that he was never violent or harmed anyone. That said, he also pushed back on the #MeToo movement by saying that women should be believed but that those accused shouldn’t be dragged through the mud without evidence.

“But women and celebrities maybe in some cases are a little different,” Simmons added. “But we don’t wanna not believe women, we have to believe women. We have to give them the benefit of the doubt, but we can’t demonize people without proof either.”

Simmons also used the term “compromising” when explaining how he may have come in contact with some of his accusers.

“I can simply tell you that I was in so many compromising situations, that people can have a recollection from 30 or 40 years ago, and it can be different from my recollection. And it could be one where there is perhaps a collaboration,” Simmons said.

The In Depth with Graham Bensinger podcast with Russell Simmons can be viewed below.

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