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Christmas is time for presents

Happy holidays to the Hip-Hop Wired readership, and thanks to all of you who have supported us throughout the year. We’re back with another hefty holiday gift guide to assist any of the last-minute shoppers out there like us.

We’d like to apologize for just getting this guide up as this has been a pretty busy month at HHW. That said, let’s get into it.

This year’s holiday gift guide covers a lot of areas from products for the outdoors, apparel, tech, gaming, and much more. Some of these companies are shipping out goods all week so be sure to peruse the list below and snag that one item that will make the day of your loved ones. If you can’t make the shipping deadlines, put those gift cards to use!

Once again, happy holidays to all of the Hip-Hop Wired massive an’ crew out there. We’ll see you all on the flipside in 2024 with more gift guides!


Coffee storage is a serious business and keeping one’s precious beans fresh is the first step in a proper cup. Airscape provides a solution in that regard via its innovative, airtight canisters that will also look good on your kitchen counter.

Learn more here.

Banana Phone

The Banana Phone might take some people back to the days of Lancelot Link, Secret Chimo (D.L. is showing his age here). The device is a Bluetooth-enabled handset that also works as a speaker. But beyond its wacky look, the Banana Phone has a bigger mission. A percentage of its annual sales goes toward gorilla conservation.

Learn more here.

Blvck Paris

We featured Blvck Paris last month for our Black Friday guide and they’re back again with a series of new streetwear fashion drops for men and women. Whether you’re going for the understated or the expressive, Blvck Paris doesn’t miss.

Learn more here.

Blackthorn Denim

Blackthorn Denim, founded by John Gallagher, has fit at the top of its mind. With three styles for varying body styles from slim fit to relaxed, Blackthorn Denim aims to bring quality jeans back to the forefront with its limited but tightly curated offerings.

Learn more here.

Can I Remix You A Drink?

T-Pain Can I Remix You A Drink? Game

From the minds of legendary “Rappa Ternt Sanga” T-Pain and veteran music journalist Kathy Iandoli, Can I Remix You A Drink? is a drinking card game that comes on the heels of the T-Pain’s cocktail book, Can I Mix You A Drink? The concept of Remix is clever as it gives players the objective of ending with no cards in their hands via mixing, remixing, and drinking.

Learn more here. If you want to get it quicker, click the Amazon link here.


Founded by Beverly Malbranche, Caribbrew specializes in coffee and cacao sourced from Haiti with gift sets, individual bags of ground and whole-bean coffee, body scrubs, and more.

Learn more here.

Culture Kings

We’re always down to feature Culture Kings, a leader in streetwear fashion. Boasting a number of high-profile collaborations with the likes of Nas, J. Cole, and more, there isn’t a lane that the company doesn’t cover.

Learn more here.


DOROTHY is a one-stop shop that offers music-themed blueprints, posters, tote bags, mugs, notebooks, you name it. The designs are eye-catching conversation pieces and the price point is beyond approachable. As they are across the pond, order now to get your wares by the holiday.

Learn more here.


Flexispot is a leader in functional office equipment in the form of its innovative standing desks and office chairs, among other offerings. We love the fact that Flexispot is always offering great sales throughout the year and this period of time is no different. We’ve used their Comhar table, and we love it! We can’t recommend Flexispot enough.

Learn more here.

FRESH by Houston White

Designer and businessman Houston White Jr. is on a mission to provide fashion, hair, and skincare products to the masses. The Minneapolis native has an exceptional product in his FRESH line of body washes, lotions, and more. He also has a product line that can be found in Target stores.

Learn more here.

High Camp Flasks

If you’re someone who likes to schlep their drinks handily when enjoying the outdoors, High Camp Flasks is the brand for you. Coming in various sizes, and colors, along with customizable engraving, this is the flask or tumbler for the nature lovers in your family or crew.

Learn more here.

Hippy Feet

Any time we can feature Hippy Feet in our gift guides is a mood boost. Beyond its wide selection of socks and apparel pieces, what warms the heart is that a significant portion of sales goes towards helping homeless youth.

Learn more here.

It’s A Date

[Image Forthcoming]

Whether you’re a new couple still getting to know one another, or you’ve been together for years, dates are a way to keep the flames stoked. It’s A Date, a fun scratch-off card set that gives over three dozen date ideas, offers a number of ideas to bring you and your loved one closer.

Learn more here.

Jigsaw Surf Co

Founded by former college athletes Charlie and Victoria Fennell, Jigsaw Surf Co combines the pair’s love of surfing and jigsaw puzzles. So when you can’t get to the waves, why not build a board until the conditions improve?

Learn more here.


Lee is much more than just a brand that makes jeans as the company has expanded to casual and work wear, streetwear apparel, collaborations with other brands, and more. They’ve got a handy gift section on their site so check it out!

Learn more here.

Lyrically Correct

Lyrically Correct is a card game that tests players on their knowledge of lyrics of their favorite Hip-Hop and R&B songs of the 1990s and 2000s. Paired with good vibes and someone on the aux, this has all the makings of an epic game night.

Learn more here.

Meta Quest

Meta Quest, the leading VR headset in the game, is still going strong with its Meta Quest 2 headset with plenty of games and experiences for the whole family. With the addition of the beefed-up Meta Quest 3 headset, the Metaverse graciously awaits all willing to explore the various worlds within.

Learn more here.


Founded by Stephanie Broes and Michael Broes, moonbird (stylized spelling) is a device that helps its users learn the benefits of deep, controlled breathing. We’ve been using moonbird ourselves for the past few weeks and already can tell the difference in our temperament, outlook on life, and ability to focus. It’s truly miraculous.

Learn more here.


Nokia is still in the digital devices game despite other companies taking big strides over the years. The Finnish company offers a selection of affordable smartphones and tablets that run on the Android operating system, including its flagship Nokia XR21 rugged phone.

Learn more here.

Old Trapper

Old Trapper is the beef jerky and beef snacks line for people not afraid of big, bold flavors. This is premium stuff, trust us on that.

Learn more here.


PaddleSmash combines Pickleball and Roundnet into a fun backyard game the whole family can play.

Learn more here.


PDP specializes in high-end gaming controllers and accessories for the Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. This is for the serious gamers out there and with branded collaborations, you’re sure to find your next pair of sticks and headset.

Learn more here.

Pull Start Fire

Bonfires are still the order of business during the winter months in the States and Pull Start Fire is just the tool you’ll need to get your blaze going.

Learn more here.


PURPLE, founded in 2017, offers comfortable but luxurious streetwear and denim offerings. While its wares are designed to be high in quality, the price point isn’t going to deter anyone who might be looking to invest in their fashion journey.

Learn more here.

Ray-Ban Stories

Improving on already impressive tech, Ray-Ban and Meta connect once more for its Ray-Ban Stories smartglasses. Style and function never looked this good.

Learn more here.

SMMT Outdoor

Learn more here.


Tillys is a retail destination for several top fashion and apparel brands for men, women, and children. The company has a handy gift guide section that will take some of the fuss out of finding the perfect gift.

Learn more here.

Twiga Coffee

Founded by Tandeep Bains, Twiga Coffee sources its beans from several coffee-producing countries with 10 percent of sales going towards charity. The brand offers coffee from Bains’ home country of Kenya, Rwanda, and across Central and South America.

Learn more here.


Wacom specializes in an array of graphics tablets and display devices that are essential for graphic designers and sketch artists to form their creations. The Wacom experience is boosted with its Wacom One tablet and pen series with seamless integration via Mac, PC, or Android devices.

Learn more here.

Well Gifted

Well Gifted, founded by longtime friends Heather Pittman and Andi Longsworth, takes the fuzz out of creating a thoughtful gift box with its customizable selections, themed gift sets, and more. Coffee, sweets, and more are all artfully selected to create the gift boxes.

Learn more here.


Founded by NAHA-certified aromatherapist and aromatic perfumer Melike Atilgan, Yoursy created a line of essential oils for productivity, calming, and even rest. The oils can either be used in a diffuser or applied via a handy roll-on applicator.

Learn more here.


Zojirushi is a brand that’s new to us but the Japanese manufacturer has been a leader in kitchen and home appliances unbeknownst to us. You can shop their rice cookers, coffee makers, and more here in the States. Everything appears to be high-quality stuff too!

Learn more here.

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