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Since the start of the year, Chicago has been plagued by gun violence. More than 340 people—the brunt of which have been teenagers—have been killed since the top of 2012, but once the summer months rolled around the shootings picked up steam.  By late August, six homicides were reported in one day, tying the city’s Feb. 19 record for the most killings in a single day.

In an effort to make a change leaders in the area have been doing their part to call for an end to the gun violence, but with many of the those committing the crimes belonging to a younger generation, the message sounds like white noise.

Nation of Islam leader Mr. Louis Farrakhan walked through the city’s West Side, which has been the location of much of the violence, telling residents to bring an end to senseless killings.  Additionally, Tio Harman, director of the anti-violence organization CeaseFire Illinois, announced that both he and Farrakhan would hold a “Peace Summit,” to bring about some form of change.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel also attended a  global youth violence prevention event in Chicago, attended by the likes of actor Sean Penn and President Bill Clinton.



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