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York County, South Carolina inmate Lamarcus Williamson recently earned himself additional time to an already daunting prison sentence after assaulting his public defender in the courtroom. Williamson, 30, was so disenchanted with the 15 year bid he just received—that after pleading guilty to robbery, assault and drug charges—he surprised those in attendance by delivering the fade to his court appointed lawyer, Dan Hall.

“Next thing I knew, I felt a blow to my mouth and I hit the floor,” said Hall recollecting. Luckily for the lawyer, constables saw that Williamson was exhibiting volatile behavior, and were there to stop the criminal from doing further damage to Hall.

I’ve been doing this for 25 years and I never seen anyone physically attacked in a courtroom,” said Hall, who only met Williamson once prior to sentencing day. The still shaken up  lawyer gave the gritty details of his assault, saying “An inch higher I would have had a broken nose, an inch lower my front teeth would have been knocked out; I’m still sore. He hit me right above the teeth and right below the nose. My mouth is still sore and my lips are lacerated a bit on the inside, but I think I’ll be OK.”

An additional six months were tacked on to Williamson’s sentence for contempt of court after the incident, and the criminal may also face assault charges. See NBC Charlotte’s report on the incident below.


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Photo: NBC Charlotte