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University Presidents Testify In House Hearing On Campus Antisemitism

Harvard University President Claudine Gay has stepped down from her post after a string of controversial moments while in the position damaged her standing. Now with new allegations of plagiarism materializing, Claudine Gay has decided to hand in her resignation as Harvard officials handle the fallout.

As seen in the Boston Globe, Claudine Gay, the famed institution’s first Black president, resigned via letter on Tuesday (Jan. 2). This comes after Gay came under fire for comments on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war and allegations of plagiarism of her scholarly works. Gay, who just served six months as president, stands as the shortest in the history of the university.

Gay wrote in her resignation letter that “it is in the best interests of Harvard for me to resign so that our community can navigate this moment of extraordinary challenge with a focus on the institution rather than any individual.”

In Gay’s place, Harvard University provost Dr. Alan Garber will serve as interim president.

The issues Harvard faced with Gay at the helm date back to October 2023, and she never recovered since then. After making the comments on the war, Gay was called to the carpet for not addressing reported antisemitism across the Harvard campus.

Claudine Gay will return to the faculty level and continue to teach students, according to her statement.

Photo: Kevin Dietsch / Getty