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“Me and DJ Green Lantern decided to get together and make a project, which is sorta like an album and a mixtape in one.”

Initially rumored to hit the streets in November, there was not too much depth in regards to the joint venture between rapper Styles P and DJ Green Lantern. 

Although November has clearly come and go, business is still in the process as the duo are in works of finishing about their collaborative effort, The Green Ghost Project.

The history books show the background between Green Lantern and the L.O.X as he has worked with the group extensively on the mixtape circuit as well as producing the track “2 Guns Up. 

While shooting the video for the track “Kite Runner”, the Ghost was able to speak with Trace TV about the meaning behind the song.

“The song is basically about what dudes are saying in jail to their other dudes and about you not really needing much but a letter and a little bit of love.  Not money, not nothing but a little love to send a letter.  If somebody’s in jail, just send a letter, let em know you love them.”

As a prisoner of the cell himself, no one but Styles would have the ability to echo the sentiments of inmates doing a bid. 

Green Lantern was also able to give some background on the project and how things came together.

“The Green Ghost Project is just DJ Green Lantern and Styles P, the Ghost, coming together.  We got in the laboratory and made a monster and that monster is called the Green Ghost Project.  Basically, I put a gang of music together/ got with a couple of producers I know personally and me and Styles just sat back and put a format together of a bunch of songs and a flow of the material on the project and the Shyte came out crazy.”

P added that along with the project’s release, he is still on the grind and pushing to bring even more material to the fans from music to books to movies.

“You can expect the Green Ghost Project to drop around February; first, second week of February.  Career side, we’re also working on a L.O.X. album with my two partners Sheek and Jadakiss.  I’m also working on a fiction novel, Invincible, which should be out in April through Random House and Nikki Turner Presents.  I’m tryna work on some films too, tryna actually shoot of the book that’s going to come out.” 

During the beef between 50 and the L.O.X, Kiss ended the relationship between Lantern and Shady/ G-Unit as Eminem’s official DJ, along with losing his Sirius Satellite show, due to a recorded conversation with one another.  The separating has since then dissolved as Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks appeared on his Sirius Show on Hip Hop Nation.

After repairing the fallout between the two, Jadakiss and Lantern were able to bring together his most recent mixtape sequel The Champ is Here 2: Kiss My A$$.