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The technology stronghold that Apple has on the masses is causing people to lose all forms of rational thinking.

A woman in Arlington, Texas was sold a mirror instead of an iPad in an embarrassing scam of epic struggle proportions.

Jalonta Freeman assumed she was sticking it to Apple by purchasing what she thought was a $200 iPad at a local gas station. The seller was offering a $600 discount on the popular notebook, leaving Freeman with no choice but to jump on the deal. With no suspicion in her heart, and no need to actually open the package holding the product that she was buying, Freeman forked over the money to the man who was in a hurry. “He was like ‘Okay, I gotta hurry up and go’ and stuff,” she told a local news station.

After the man disappeared, Freeman ripped open the package only to find that it was small mirror that had been covered with duct tape to feign the appearance of an iPad. Buying the mirror left Freeman feeling like she had been robbed, but taught her to inspect merchandise before jumping to make a purchase…especially at a gas station of all places.

The man who pulled the impressively simple heist has not been identified.


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