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Unbeknownst to many, Cam’ron was actually supposed to be one of the first artists to be a part of The Notorious B.I.G.’s record label, Undeas, before Biggie’s untimely death.

Fast forward a few decades and a few record labels later, Cam’ron reflected on the first time he met the Hip-Hop legend/Icon and admits that he was actually starstruck by the OG King of New York. In the latest episode of It Is What It Is, Killa Cam reminisced about his first interaction with Biggie after his co-host Treasure “Stat Baby” Wilson spoke about LeBron admitting he felt like Michael Jordan was “Black Jesus” when he first met the NBA GOAT.

Though Cam wouldn’t go as far as to call Biggie any kind of iteration of “Jesus,” he did feel the man was a different kind of deity in the Hip-Hop game. “I’ma be totally honest with you, when Mase took me to Biggie Smalls’ house, I was like, ‘Yo. We did it,’” Cam’ron said. Back when Biggie was reigning supreme in the rap game, just seeing him out in the street would’ve been enough for any Hip-Hop head to feel blessed, but to meet him on a personal level would’ve been next level.

“You gotta realize, Mase already got songs with Biggie and they worked together,” Cam’ron continued. “But I really wasn’t going to the studio in the beginning because, you know, Mase had to get his feet in the door so I had to just stay home in the beginning a lot because it was his turn. And it wasn’t to bring the whole crew and bring everybody in the beginning. So I didn’t meet Biggie in the beginning.”

Though Cam didn’t get to meet the rap Gawd for a minute until Mase was finally a rap star in his own right, he finally got his moment and did what he was born to do, rap.

“When Mase sent me to Biggie Smalls’ house to rap for him, I acted like I’d been there a thousand times. No smiling, no handshakes, no ‘Yo, what’s up?’ Throw the beat on and I’ma rap — that was that.”

Likening that moment to LeBron meeting Jordan for the first time, Cam said, “Yeah, that was probably it for me.”

We feel you, Killa.

Check out Cam talk about meeting Biggie at the 22:30 mark below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.