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The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund on Monday filed a complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Rights on behalf of Zikerria Bellamy, a 17 year-old transvestite.

Bellamy applied for a job at a local McDonald’s restaurant in Orlando, Florida and was denied because of his decision to live life as a woman.

Two mangers denied her employment and one also called and left a message on Bellamy’s voice mail, telling him that he would never work at the establishment, stating, “We do not hire fa**ots.”

Because of those remarks, the manager was consequentially fired.

A spokeswoman for the restaurant told the Orlando Sentinel that the employee had “acted outside the scope of his authority and was not responsible,” adding “[McDonald’s] has a zero tolerance policy prohibiting discrimination or harassment in the restaurant.”

As of yet, no action has been taken against the other manager.  Listen to the voice message left for Bellamy by the Mc Donald’s manger below.