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Theodore Sypnier, New York’s oldest registered sex offender, is officially a free man!

At 100-years-old, he is the only inmate to ever reach the century mark in New York’s penal system, and now has the chance to live a crime free life. Unfortunately for the grandfather and great-grandfather, freedom seems to always come in short bursts as he just cannot seem to keep his hands off of children.

Sypnier’s prison stints started 22 years ago when he was given three years’ probation sexual abuse, raking up another year in 1994 for abusing another minor. The sick senior’s most insidious crime say him plead guilty to 15 counts of sodomy and endangering the welfare of a childe as well as two counts of rape.

Tow little girls in particular, ages 4 and 7, were raped and sodomized by the AARP degenerate.

“Those children crawled into bed with me because they were frightened,” said Sypnier to news outlets. “There was never any sexual hanky-panky.”

New York law mandates that in special instances, such as Sypnier’s, sex offenders are barred from using chat rooms, email, social networking sites, going to bars, or being around schools and playgrounds.

The first thing Sypnier wants to do when he is free is get to know the youngest members of his family.

“I’ll tell them I never harmed any children.”

Though the oldest in New York, Bert Jackson of Utah is the nation’s oldest sex offender. At 103 years of age, he is currently serving his prison sentence at home under confinement.