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Men lie, women lie, and numbers don’t, but are numbers indicative of something’s actual worth? Nicki Minaj certainly seems to think so.

Responding to Megan Thee Stallion’s “subliminal” diss on “HISS,” Nicki Minaj clapped back with the lackluster response track “Big Foot” and though most Hip-Hop fans called the song a complete dud, Nicki feels she struck gold as she boasted about the numbers the song garnered upon its release.

Hopping on Instagram to take a victory lap, Nicki felt that the 2.45 million views that the track got on the first day of its release was something to celebrate, and in the caption, said as much even though many of her fans weren’t feeling the cut.

“Imagine being backed by a machine & going up against me, THEE MACHINE. Imagine spending money on a music video & full campaign only for an audio of a blank screen with just my RAPS to gets more views,” Nicki’s caption read in part.

“A rap I made up joking on IG LIVE in mins Broke APPLE MUSIC & YOUTUBE records. NOW WE WAITING ON SPOTIFY!!!!!!! WHO WANNA PLAY WIT NICKI?!?? 🤣 Spotify ain’t gotta lie!!!!!! They REALLY STREAMING my music. 😎 #BigFOOT This is what happens when you think FAKE BOTS, PAID BLOGS & FAKE STUNTS will win the war in 2024 this is thinking you that b*tch then running into THAT B*TCH. #HeavyOnIt@tateko1 let’s GOOOOOOOOOOO #GagCITY WHO MAD?!?!!!!!! Idc,” Nicki Minaj wrote.

Well, the numbers are the numbers, so we can’t take that away from her.

Still, fans chimed in on the comments about the song and had some pointed takes saying things like, “This is sooooooooooooooo embarrassing!!!!! song is TRASH and u ruining your legacy 😢,” and “You really tryna package up those stats like you’ve done something.”

But even with the backlash that Nicki’s garnered over her “hit” diss song, many fans came to her defense and praised her for making “history” with her “Big Foot” drop with posts like “[C]ongratulations and this is not the end at all! You’re only getting warmed up.”

Now we wait and see if this is the end of the Megan vs. Nicki beef or just the beginning.

What do y’all think of Nicki Minaj patting herself on the back for the “success” of “Big Foot”? Let us know in the comments section below.

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