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An insightful, internally conducted investigation chronicling the activities of New Orleans’ finest after Hurricane  Katrina destroyed the once vibrant city is bringing to light some disturbing facts on those assigned to protect and serve.

A joint investigation by The New Orleans Times-Picayune, PBS’ “Frontline” television show, and are creating more questions in reference to actions taken by several New Orleans Police Officers in the hurricane’s aftermath, where several civilians were fatally shot for reasons that are still unknown.

Many others were wounded by law enforcement use that ranges well beyond the boundaries of acceptable police force.

The investigation also revealed that officers assigned to investigate police wrongdoing did little more than speak to their fellow brothers-in-shield. One case of note saw an investigating detective overlook the fact that a victim was shot in the back of his head which ran contradictory to the sworn testimony given by the officer in question; a fact that she would have noticed had she read the autopsy report.

Numerous members of NOPD and several local and city officials have been tried or are under grand jury investigation after committing atrocities against mankind in Katrina’s wake.