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Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston had a passionate, albeit tumultuous love, and Rihanna thinks she can relate.

Rumor has it that the 24-year-old is comparing her relationship with Chris Brown to that of Bobby and Whitney.

“Their relationship is like the early Whitney and Bobby days,”  a source told “She loves that old Whitney jam [‘Something in Common’] and knows that she and Chris have so much in common that just bonds them. They get each other just like Bobby and Whitney. You could see it’s like real love with she and Chris—like ain’t no bullsh-tting. The sh-t is magical and it’s real.”

Yeah, okay.

In the case of Bobby and Whitney, the public didn’t understand their love, but they trudged on away. After three years together, music’s favorite duo wed in 1992.They split in 2007, but throughout their wild love, Whitney—like Rihanna—stood by her man even in the midst of allegations of physical abuse and a troth of legal issues.

Houston died last year after ingesting several substances inside her hotel room in Beverly Hill, Calif.

Given that their story is so sad, it may not be the best idea to compare herself to that of Bobby and Whitney.

In related news, Chris Brown is tweeting again, and he’s all about starting fresh.


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