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The Game’s new album, Jesus Piece, is in stores today (December 11th), and yesterday’s episode of Marrying The Game proves that his  fiancée Tiffney is going to need a lot of prayer to make matrimony work. During the fifth episode of the reality series, the Game learns his pending nuptials have been postponed, via a website.

Last episode ended on a sour note, with Tiffney giving the rapper an ultimatum that came down to, Go to France with that young female assistant, I’m out. He went, and she broke out. Then when the Game didn’t call her for days, trouble hit paradise.

“At the end of the day it’s not about the wedding, it’s about the marriage,” said Tiffney when she surrounded by all her girlfriends, and expressing doubts. “You can have this big beautiful wedding and then you have a terrible awful marriage. I want to feel good about who I’m walking down the aisle to.”

The rest of episode finds the Game playing basketball badly at the Drew League. hollas at his grandma about his relationship struggle and gets into an epic blowout with Tiffney, after finding out the wedding has been postponed via her website. Now that’s cold.

Watch the entire episode below, season finale next week.

Photo: VH1