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With all the hype surrounding over night rap sensation Trinidad James and his freshly inked deal with Def Jam, the conversation about big records and quicker record deals was bound to emerge.

“All Gold Everything” was released by the Atlanta rapper just months ago and it has blown into a viral hit. Fortunately, for artists of this day and age, the Internet has helped them reach multitudes and give a platform to launch their careers. Social media outlets like Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook have contributed to the instant fame and buzz. James’ new deal is just a reminder of how 15 minutes can be stretched into a multi-million dollar deal, and enable elite recognition.  Whether their debut songs were heavily played in the club or the most famous ringtone download of all time, we’ve counted down 10 famous artists who received huge deals after their hit records.

Artists like Soulja Boy, Cheif Keef, and Kreayshawn top the list, click below to see who else made it.

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